Wednesday, February 17, 2010


These photos show that Priyanka and I are very good friends and we love playing with the bean bags in Our Space.We also like the library,the hall and the back field.Sometimes,we will also go to the side staircase to chat.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Diagonal Rules,Golden Rules and Rule Thirds

I learnt that we must use the diagonal rules,golden section rules and the rule thirds during photography.We need to use the Diagonal Rules in the photos so that the photo looks alive in three-dimensional.For the rule thirds,it is just like a 3x3 grid,we must separate our vision into nine parts and fill the middle portion with the focus picture.The Golden Section Rule is almost the same thing as the Rule Thirds.The golden section rule is a picture divided into nine unequal parts and the points in which the lines intersect is called the golden points of the entire picture.

What is High Definition and Megapixel?

High Definition-->
-an increase in display or visual resolution 
-of higher quality
-sharper than normal
-equals to 1 million pixels
-used to measure the number of pixels in an image 
-used to express the number of image sensor elements of digital cameras or the number of display elements of digital displays.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Difference between Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic Drawing

Isometric Projection
->3D view of upper corner,looking towards opposite lower corner
Oblique Projection
->construed as forming some oblique perspective of three sides of a cube
Orthographic drawing
->construct a drawing with parallel lines
->view direction is orthogonal to the projection plane
->front view, top view and right side view

Definition of the ENVIRONMENT

I feel that 
the environment is what surrounds
what which was caused by  
a person or an object  
and all external factors that surround and affect a given organism at any time.