Monday, July 12, 2010

Ergonomics I-Summary

1. Compare the 2 different workplaces, state your observations.

One workplace is very crowded with stationery and has no place for him to place his wrist when he types, whereas the other one is more tidy and comfortable .The design of the chair in the messy workplace is very narrow for the man and obstructs his movement.It is not able to support the weight of the man.The neater workplace is more advanced than the messy workplace.Example:the man in the messy workplace placed his keyboard on a cup to make it easier for him to type compared to the other man in the neat workplace that used the laptop holder. The chair's headrest allows the user to rest his neck after straining it for long hours. The backrest also allows the user to adjust the chair until the preferred position. The lighting for the messier workplace is stronger, and it cannot be toggled to the preferred amount. The neater one has a lamp that allows him to adjust the position of the lamp, making the light fall on the place that he wants it to.

2. Which workplace is preferred? State with reasons why one workplace is preferred over the other.

The workplace with different gadgets are more prefered because it is enables the user to do things easier.For example,the screen at the corner of the desk that can be moved forward so that it is easier for the user to look at the screen.The table on the left workplace is very cluttered so it is harder to find the items that the user needs.

3. What are the considerations that should be taken into account when designing a workplace that is suitable for the user?

We must  consider whether the workplace is comfortable,stable and practical for the user.

4. Why do you think that Ergonomics is important when designing?

I think that Ergonomics is important as it helps to improve the design until it best suits the user's needs.

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